cFF '11 would like to thank the following sponsors:


The chashama Film Festival 2011 is designed to cultivate a community of filmmakers who can share, network, and help build each other's vision. Reaching more than a thousand filmmakers, artists, writers and general fans, chashama Film Festival offers our corporate sponsors an opportunity to market their brand to culture-savvy consumers in New York City for multiple days.

We have partnered with the nonprofit chashama, an art organization that will provide us with prime gallery, screening room and event spaces throughout the city, including Times Square. Brand signage outside one of our venues will reach thousands and thousands of tourists and New Yorkers through pedestrian traffic alone. Our in-house public relations team will also closely collaborate with you to get the most out of your brand placement.

The festival aims to become an international breeding ground for cultural entrepreneurs and a meeting place for thousands of energized tastemakers and savvy cultural consumers in New York City. The event has received submission from the following countries: England, Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, Taiwan, Norway, Italy, France, Belgium, China, Columbia and Israel. Due to the amount of submissions and interest of our film festival, we anticipate hosting a unique and culturally diverse audience throughout its duration.

Steven Flor - Photographer